FlyPast January 2018 Britain's Top-Selling Aviation Monthly Magazine (ENG)

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FlyPast Magazine January 2018 Britain's Top-Selling Aviation Monthly (ENG)

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FlyPast Magazine January 2018 Britain's Top-Selling Aviation Monthly (ENG).

FREE WITH THIS ISSUE: Poster featuring aircraft of the Royal Air Force.


Clash over Russia
Heinkel crews faced stiff opposition at the start of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia. Mikhail Timin describes the action.

Black Widow
Warren E Thompson relates the exploits of the USAAF’s top-scoring P-61 Black Widow unit.

In North Africa, cannon-armed Hurricanes took a heavy toll of Rommel’s Panzers, as Andrew Thomas explains.

Stormbird down
Garry L Fry examines the circumstances surrounding the first USAAF victory over a Messerschmitt Me 262 jet.

MiG-17 warbird
Luigino Caliaro talks to two pilots who share a passion for the MiG-17.

Arctic Misadventure
Andrew Thomas details an attack on German-held ports in July 1941 that proved very costly to the Royal Navy.

Babak Taghvaee looks back on the long service life of Greek RF-84Fs, including encounters with RAF Lightnings.

Battle in the East
Terry Leversedge profiles Sqn Ldr Thomas Watson, a fighter pilot turned master bomber.


From The Workshop – Airframe Assemblies
Darren Harbar interviews Steve Vizard, the boss of the Isle of Wight-based warbird restoration specialists.

A visit to the fascinating Italian Air Force Museum on the shores of Lake Bracciano.

What’s New
The latest books, clothing and other aviation merchandise receive the FlyPast verdict.

From The Workshop – Project Vanguard
Max Waldron describes the preparation of a Lightning for a new lease of life as a display airframe.

Glory Days – Vulcan
We present some archive images of the legendary V-bomber during its early days in service.

Pilot’s Perspective
FlyPast’s resident warbird pilot Dave Unwin describes what the Bücker Bestmann is like to fly.

Glory Days – Lightning
A portfolio of previously unseen colour pictures of another Cold War classic, the English Electric Lightning.

Vought Corsair.

RAF 100

Tiger Squadron
Tony Clay reflects on the crucial role played by Spitfire-equipped 74 Squadron during the pivotal summer of 1940.

In Profile
Andy Hay artwork of a Spitfire flown by a Polish ace in the Battle of Britain.

Lockheed Tristar
Sqn Ldr Bob Tuxford AFC describes his role in introducing the three-engined Tristar to RAF service.

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