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Книга "Modern Figures Camouflages" Fernando Vallejo. Серия AK Learning 08 (на английском языке)

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Артикул: AK247
330 грн
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Modern Figures Camouflages by Fernando Vallejo. AK Learning 08 (AK Interactive 247) ENG.

Обложка из плотного картона. Формат 170*240 мм. 90 страниц.

Issue number 8 of the well-known Learning Series collection focuses on figure painting, in this manual you will find all the information, tricks and secrets related to modern camouflage painting. Different types of figures in different scales in which the artists apply different styles and techniques to show different ways to achieve the best results in the figures. This book is profusely illustrated with step-by-step photos and descriptive text that explain the secrets of these uniforms.

The instructive drawings or the color schemes are also among the different things you will find in their pages.

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